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Stop Panic Attacks from Ruining Your Life

By Gavin O'Byrne

If you are a sufferer of panic attacks then you will know how frightening they can be, especially when you first begin to experience this terrible affliction. One day, for no apparent reason, you begin to feel fear and panic like you never have before and it can be accompanied by physical feelings of discomfort or even extreme pain.

You don't know what to do. You visit your doctor and are told you're physically fine only you don't feel fine. They can really take over your thoughts and eventually your entire life. It can then be very difficult to regain control and stop panic attacks from ruining your life.

The first thing that you need to do is to face your problem head on. You cannot run away from these fears forever. If you try to ignore it you will never stop panic attacks from taking over your life. You are not losing your mind or going crazy; don't be afraid to address your feelings. Find someone you can talk to about these attacks and try to figure out where they stem from. Understanding and diagnosing the problem is the first and most important step to getting your life back on track. This is not something you can do alone.

Now that you know you are suffering from panic attacks it's time to take the next step to help stop panic attacks from controlling everything you do. If not your own doctor, find a person who has had experience with panic attacks and talk to them. Finding other people with exactly the same problems as you helps immensely. The feeling that you are alone can cause you more stress, thus increasing your levels if anxiety and intensifying your attacks. If necessary seek professional help from a counselor who will be able to help you find the root of your problem.

Next you need to go about your everyday life as best you can. If you stop going out or stop going to work you will be empowering the fear inside you, allowing it to take over. You must do your best to carry on as normal to stop panic attacks from taking hold. The more active you become, the less control you give the anxiety. Of course in the beginning this will be tough, but over time you will see that it gets easier to control the attacks or you will simply adapt so they don't take over.

The more reclusive you become the more these fears and anxieties can grow in strength. It might seem like the easy option at the time to just try to ignore them or you may be too embarrassed to ask for help. But in the long run facing this fear and actively seeking help will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. The more you live inside you own head the more you will think that there is no way out. Stop panic attacks now and take control of your life. Even though there is no miracle cure that can rid you of these attacks, you can make great progress with the right steps and a positive frame of mind.

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